Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A List Of Home Remedy For Hot Flashes

Home Remedy for Menopause

In consideration of the increased risk factors together with HRT (hormone replacement therapy) some women are thinking about a home remedy for menopause symptom treatment.

At first blush, the random observer might think that a home remedy for hot flashes is something that could be made in the family bathtub. The real definition is a lot more complex.

The truth is some women have become disenchanted with the recommendations and conventional wisdom surrounding menopause symptom treatment plans advised by the medical community.

We've known for some time that the typical offerings for hot flash and night sweat relief will possibly cause heart disease and some types of cancer. On the larger scale, the known risks far outweigh any of the possible benefits associated with HRT.

Its no surprise that so many woman have started to reject the life-threatening risks possible with HRT and are ready to think in terms of a home remedy for menopause symptom relief and other methods that could offer a safe and effective alternative.

Unfortunately, not many research money is spent on home remedy for menopause treatment alternatives. Funding is usually based on invasive surgical procedures or laboratory inventions offered by big pharmaceutical companies. While many of the home remedy for menopause alternatives, including plant based all natural supplements, herbal treatments, and homeopathic treatment methods have been around for tens if not hundreds of years, the medical community tends to put less importance on these in deference to standardized approved, albeit dangerous methods.

Hormone replacement therapy is risk intensive. Heart disease and cancer are not minor concerns, especially when weighed against hot flashes and night sweats.

Some health care professionals take a middle ground in this discussion by recommending HRT, but only for six months. Unfortunately, hot flashes and night sweats, as well as other common menopause symptoms can last for ten years or more.

Women who have been on HRT and then go off, find that their hot flush and night sweat symptoms come back more severe, usually within 24 to 48 hours. If they were not looking for a home remedy for menopause treatment before to HRT, they certainly are now, after quiting hormone replacement therapy.

Finding a home remedy for menopause does not have to be a problematic job. In that most of the home remedy for menopause treatments are herbal or plant based, these menopause symptom treatments are comparatively safe (especially when compared to hormone replacement therapy), even for extended use.

In addition to home remedy for menopause treatments, it is also a good plan to understand and avoid menopause treatment triggers. Some foods and beverages, along with smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages need to be removed from the diet.

It is a mistake to put the entire weight of menopause symptoms relief on a home remedy for menopause supplement or treatment plan. Load bearing exercise can also act as an helper in stopping hot flashes and night sweats. Women which are predisposed to difficult menopause symptoms need to be cautiously aware of these factors.

In addition to the type of symptoms a woman might display, genetics can also take a part as to when symptoms are disposed to start and stop as well as the time span of individual episodes. It has regularly been noted that if a woman wants a view of how she will react to menopause, she only needs to find out the symptoms her mother had.

Attention to good diet and exercise, understanding menopause symptom triggers, and being aware of her own genetic predisposition will help to prepare any woman for perimenopause and menopause.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, having the proper mindset and attitude in advance will go a long way in preparation for perimenopause and menopause.

As mentioned previously, symptoms can last for as much as to ten years or more. Symptoms associated with menopause can be much less debilitating if the symptoms are understood in advance and mental preparedness is focused prior to the time symptoms first present themselves.

American women on average reach menopause at age 51. Although, some women can start earlier or later than this. Resourceful women will want to think about the best home remedy for menopause prior to this time.

Discovering a natural home remedy for menopause prior to premenopause and menopause will help to facilitate an easier transition period and will do much to lower the difficulty of the symptoms.

Homeopathic, herbal, all natural plant based supplements, vitamins and minerals especially focused for menopause and perimenopause symptoms in addition to finding a natural home remedy for menopause can help toward easing the associative symptoms.

FemFlax is an all natural plant based menopause symptoms supplement. If you are one of the the millions of women with real concerns related to HRT and are looking for a effective and safe method to fight hot flashes and night sweats associated with perimenopause and menopause, you could be a candidate for FemFlax.

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